Best to study flying ?

Best to study flying ?

Is one of the most discovered questions. We will come to 5 reasons that BAC is the best flying school in Asia.

1. Innovative training method

We designed our Airlines Concept curriculum, a training system that is specifically developed to meet airlines’ standards and requirements, to differentiate ourselves from other flight schools. One of the highlights of our CPL course is the final project presentation that students must complete together in groups and be reviewed and rated by experienced pilots from airlines. In this instance, the students will be given a particular flight scenario / case study by the instructors for them to write a report and present on.

2. Smooth experience

Appropriate and well maintained training facilities and equipments, as well as a suitable number of experienced instructors mean that students can expect to progress smoothly and to complete their trainings in accordance with their timelines.

3. Track record

Being the first private flight school in Thailand, we have a vast amount of experience in aviation training. We have been training and suppling pilots to major airlines and general aviation organizations for many years. BAC is a recognized training institution in the aviation industry.

4. Veteran flight instructors

Our team of flight instructors have extensive flight experience and teaching skills. With a mix of experienced former commercial pilots, former air force pilots and home grown flight instructors, we have the right instructor for all aspects of trainings.

5. Convenient Locations

Our main base is located in Nakorn Nayok Province which is just a short drive from Bangkok, making it one of the most easiest flight school to get to from the capital city.

พิธีมอบโล่รางวัล BAC ประจำรุ่น 50/51/57 แบ่งออกเป็น 3 หมวดหมู่ 1. ผู้ที่มีผลคะแนนวิชาการดีเด่น 2. ผู้ที่มีผลคะแนนภาคอากาศดีเด่น 3. ผู้ที่มีผลคะแนนพฤติกรรมและการปฏิบัติตนดีเด่น...
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