Instructor Pilot course (IP)


The Applicant will obtain the instructional knowledge of the elements of each of the listes maneuvers and procedures including the recognition, analysis, and correction of common student flight according to the planned lesson, including effective preflight instrument approach and instrument approaches procedures and post flight instruction according to the planned lesson, inctuding effective preflight ad post flight instruction.

The Instructor Pilot Course Includes 60 hours of ground training and 23 hours of flight training.

  • CESSNA172
    Flight training will be conducted using Cessna 172 aircraft.

    Instructor Pilot Course can be completed in full time and part-time basis Duration : 4 Months

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  • IP Course

    Ground training 60 Hours

    Flight training 23 Hours

    • Cessna 172 : 23 Flight Hours


  • Requirement
    • Male / Female, age 17 or above
    • Must be physically and mentallty fit with good eyesight and not color blind
    • good command of English
    • must hold commercial pilot license
    • must hold at least Medical License Class 1
  • All package of IP training included
    • Ground and flight trainings
    • Text book